The hacker names that correpond to file extensions are given in parentheses. These names were not included in the original files; in fact, most of the names remained unknown until the end of the game.

Oct 16 21:41:16 GMT roman.txt (Texel)
Ok, C. You called this. What's up?


16 Oct 16 21:44:28 GMT roman.jpg (Caesar)

Scratch. Is he always this clueless? I mean, REALLY. "optimize your kernal"...if only we could all be so capable. What is he thinking?


Oct 16 21:46:31 GMT roman.lhp (Bounce)

preaching to the choir, c. - but what's the big deal? no comprende.


Oct 16 21:49:48 GMT roman2.jpg (Caesar)

I know and that's the problem. I mean you guys, you I trust. Most of the others, I trust them too. But I'm working on something big and it can't be just any other thing that gets spread around.


Oct 16 21:50:31 GMT roman2.txt (Texel)

C. I think it's pretty clear that everyone here can be trusted. Even Scratch.


Oct 16 21:52:01 GMT roman3.jpg (Caesar)

Man, I just don't know. Scratch is a smart guy, when it comes to computers. But computers aren't everything. Does he ever leave his house? I mean when was the last time that he went to the movies or read a book or done something along those lines. I'm not saying the guy has to know his monet from his anime, but really. Ok, I am saying that. Those things teach you stuff, they teach you about life and living life. They help you build your instincts and stuff. He knows his code and that's great, but there's just so much more out there and that's what this project takes. If it was about throwing down the best line of code, sure he'd be great. But it's not. Then there's his attitude. You just can't ignore that... at least I can't.


Oct 16 21:53:05 GMT roman2.lhp (Bounce)

caesar, it's six of one, y'know? he's poppin' wheelies on servers all across the globe, and you're taking second third and fourth bows after the play's done. the play, my friend, is NOT the thing. not the only thing, anyway.


Oct 16 21:53:44 GMT roman4.jpg (Caesar)

Fine. Point taken. That still doesn't mean that I don't need a couple people I can trust, are you guys in?


Oct 16 21:54:50 GMT roman3.txt (Texel)

You know I am here for you, C.


Oct 16 21:54:59 GMT roman3.lhp (Bounce)